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The D.H. Lawrence Research Group (Etudes lawrenciennes) and the Lawrence Durrell Center (Espaces/Ecritures. Bibliothèque Durrell) of the University of Paris X are organizing a joint International Conference that will take place on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of June 2004 on the theme:

Borderlines and Borderlands

The participants will present papers either on Lawrence or on Durrell or will consider how their worlds meet and mix.

The terms will be considered in the widest possible sense: literary, geographical, psychological, or other, and may include any theory related to indeterminacy, inbetweenness, or contiguity. We understand the topic as touching on notions of confinement and transgression, the subliminal, community and alterity, and all considerations that may affect creativity and expression.

The notions of borderlines and borderlands may be associated with a fluctuating space whose boundaries are indistinct. Borderlines and borderlands also evoke encounters and exchanges (personal, cultural), which are not devoid of danger. The go-between, whether he or she be the narrator or a character, is the emblematic figure of this elusive geographic, cultural, or symbolic space.

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