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17-22 August, 2007

Seven papers regarding Durrell's works were presented at the 14th international Triennial Conference of the Association of Commonwealth Language and Literature. Two panels were dedicated to discussing Durrell's role in Commonwealth literature.

Saturday, 18 August

Session 6 Issues For Writers
Chair: Peter O. Stummer
Delgado-Duatis, Diego. "From the Omphalos to the Cosmos: Lawrence Durrell's Search"
Zabus, Chantal. "Male and Female Circumfictions"
Mann, Harveen. "Writing after September 11, 2001: Salman Rushdie's Step across This Line and Shalimar the Clown"

Monday, 20 August

Lawrence Durrell's Neo/Anti-Colonial Aesthetic (1)
Gifford, James. "Silence and Speaking: Politicized Irony in Durrell's Spirit of Place"
Keller, Isabelle. "The Discourse of/on Faith in Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet"
Vipond, Dianne. "The Politics of Durrell's Major Fiction"

Lawrence Durrell's Neo/Anti-Colonial Aesthetic (2)
Bandler, John. "Durrell's Cyprus-Tainted Observations on the Colonial and Postcolonial"
Abdel-Al, Nabil. "The Cave: a Hideout for Re/Conciliation with the Self & the Elements in E. M. Forster's A Passage to India vs. L. Durrell's An Irish Faustus and/or White Eagles over Serbia"
Midgley, Peter. "Lawrence Durrell's Mountolive and André Brink's The Ambassador: The Colonizer and the Colonized's Dialogue"

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