2024 Conference Proposal Information

2024 Conference Proposal Information


On Miracle Ground XXII 2024

The Executive Board of the International Lawrence Durrell Society requests preliminary proposals from members interested in organizing or hosting the conference that the Society will sponsor in summer 2024: “On Miracle Ground XXII.”

These statements of interest should address reasons why the proposed location is particularly suitable for a conference devoted to Durrell and study of his work—and/or attractive to and convenient for potential attendees.

Additionally, preliminary proposals should identify those who would undertake planning and implementing local arrangements for the 2024 conference and indicate their qualifications, interests, and availability.

The Executive Board will respond to statements of interests as promptly as possible and will provide assistance as needed in the preparation of formal proposals that, in addition to the information described above, will cover also the following points:

1) Possible dates (preferably matching European and US Summer breaks);

2) Transportation to and from the proposed site, as well as locally;

3) Description of possible meeting sites—their location and suitability;

4) Possible excursions

5) Possibilities for sponsorship by institutions or organizations;

6) Quality and availability of hotel rooms, restaurants, & other facilities.

Final proposals should include estimates of expenses (a tentative budget) and possible sources for funding (grants and donations).

Please send statements of interest to Paul Lorenz, ILDS Secretary-Treasurer, by email attachment as soon as possible or by 1 December 2022. (Formal proposals will be due by 30 January 2023.)