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Critical Materials on Lawrence Durrell:
A Bibliographic Checklist

Last Updated: 23 January 2007

This is a constantly updated project to collect a bibliography on Lawrence Durrell in order to aid scholars in locating materials. The primary focus of this work is to make a checklist available of critical materials concerning Lawrence Durrell's works; however, a list of rarer works by Durrell, initial publication of his major work, review articles, and Durrell's own critical publications are included. While I hope this will aid research, these areas have not yet been covered in as much detail as critical materials. I have not retained the numbering from previous bibliographies and have avoided enumeration completely; this is a future project for updates and revisions.

UPDATES: Only the .pdf files for the full bibliography (alphabetical or chronological) are updated regularly. The pre-sorted lists in the column to the left have not been updated since September 2004. For researchers who need more frequent updates and better search options, a RIS formatted text file of the complete bibliography is also available (updated 23 January 2007). This will import into most bibliographic software, such as RefWorks, ProCite, EndNote, and so forth.

Annotations are currently at a minumum, but will develop in the future. Eventually, materials will be searchable via a database, but until then large divisions have been made between categories based on the focus of different critical works (See navigation bar to the right). This checklist has focused its energies on criticism, and researchers should still use the other major bibliographies, especially if they are looking for annotations, review articles, newspaper publications, and articles in a language other than English. These are, again, future projects to be undertaken more comprehensively once the current form of the bibliography is complete. I have also excluded materials for which I currently have only a partial reference and have not been able to examine a copy to obtain a full record. Such items will be added and updated as the records are acquired.

I would like to extend thanks to those who have been particularly helpful in this enterprise, and especially all earlier bibliographers whose efforts made this project possible. The Koger-MacNiven Bibliography has been particularly useful, and Susan MacNiven's encouragement has been greatly appreciated. Other major bibliographers include Cecil L. Peaden, Susan Vander Closter, James Brigham, and Alan G. Thomas.

If you notice errors in items or citations, or if you would like to suggest additions, please contact the author of this work, James Gifford

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