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Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990) was a novelist, poet, translator, travel writer, and dramatist. Born in India, Durrell lived in and celebrated the Mediterranean world. He is best known for the novels that comprise The Alexandria Quartet.

The International Lawrence Durrell Society (ILDS) was founded in 1980 at the Modern Language Association convention. The Society hosts bi-annual conferences, organizes panels at other conferences, and publishes a newsletter and journal. Among the resources here, you will find an Internet Discussion Group, general and critical bibliographies, information on conferences, and information on archival resources.

The ILDS is a non-profit educational organization whose purposes are 1) to promote the study, understanding, and appreciation of the works of Lawrence Durrell; 2) to explore critically Durrell's position in twentieth century literature, modernist and post-modernist, and to help establish his place in the canon of world literature; 3) to sponsor meetings, seminars, and conferences worldwide dealing with Lawrence Durrell; 4) to publish a newsletter, The Herald, and a journal, Deus Loci: The International Lawrence Durrell Journal, at regular intervals; 5) to support scholarly publications; 6) to undertake such projects as may be decided upon by the Society.

The ILDS manages these pages and invites letters, e-mail messages, and articles related to Durrell's work or this web site.



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